Life Members

NAME                                     YEAR                  CLUB

Stan Jones
Jack Hooker                              1971
Les Power                                  1975                       Tiger
Ces Ditchfield                           1980                       York
Graham Burvill                        1981                        Tiger
Rex Green                                 1981                        Hurricane
Alan Nair                                  1981                        Hurricane
Clem Dwyer                             1981                        Tiger
Ken Ditchfield Snr
Don Crombie
Gary Light                                2006                       Tiger
Sandra Walker                        2008                       Hurricane/Impala
Kim Light                                 2012                        Impala/Exmouth
Alan Waddingham                 2021                        Exmouth Kart Club
Michelle Lino                          2021                        Karratha Kart Club
John Wishart                          2023                        Tiger Kart Club
Mike Sully                               2023

*Please note that the State is trying to set up this listing so that there is a permanent record. There is a high probability that we have missed some people off. If you can provide any information on Life Members of the Karting WA to complete this listing please contact the State Office.