Brian Smith Memorial: Hurricane Go Kart Club…….

17 May 2017

Brian Smith was a loyal and long time member of the Hurricane Go Kart Club. His sad passing bought many friends and drivers from one or two other clubs together at the Wundowie Kartway for the May Club Day . Brian passed away recently and speaking to many members, he will be greatly missed. RIP Brian Smith.

The J’s Are Back in Town…..

It has been a couple of years since the KA engine replaced the Yamaha Kt 100 SE and “J” engine. Many Karters, have lamented the decision made by Karting Australia. However, it has certainly benefited the Dirt Track clubs around Australia and I suppose it has added to the numbers of new Karters we have seen in this country.

When it all boils down, it doesn’t matter what type of karting it is, Superkarting, Bitumen Sprint Karting, Dirt Sprint Karting or Dirt Oval Kart racing. It’s all Karting and generally we all love it.

Thanks to greatly relaxed rules, Clubs may run their own classes at Club Runs and on the Mothers day week-end at the Hurricane Kart Club, we saw the re-emergence of the old National 100 engine in the capable hands of the venerable Yamaha “J”.

It was a great day on Saturday and the Hurricane Go Kart Club always puts on a great show.

Ross Sears in his Yamaha “J” powered Swiss Hutless, was able to dominate the KA4 Combined classJayden Pierce, Hudson De Cerquiera and Hudson Carter were able to share the minor placings in the four heats.

The idea of running the Yamaha “J’s” in combination with the KA4 class was a great one as 19 drivers rolled out for the first heat of the day. Well done to those who organised it. Let us see if other clubs can catch on and revive the class over the remaining Club Run meetings of the year.

Jake Andrew must have felt a little like a frustrated golfer by winning the last heat after a string of low finishes and a DNF marred the earlier part of the day.

The Cadet 9’s and 12’s were brilliant to watch. Young Aleksander Steffanovich…….won his first ever pole position and race in Cadet 9. His mum and dad were over the moon. He also went all the way to win his first race meeting…A brilliant effort by the young man. He is a great young fellow and he drove so well all day…

Kai Roggio also had a great start to the proceedings but two DNS in the final two runs of the day completely ruined his day….

Riley Traeger, Melinda Sulley and Rhyan Baile battled it out all day in KA4 Junior Light with Traeger coming out on top in the end….A good field of 10 drivers turned up for the day and we saw some entertaining racing over the day.

The KA 4 Junior Heavy class started alongside the light class and it was Keiran Ellis who won the points on the day.

Caleb Sumich and Luca Nici had a fantastic dice all day in the Cadet 12 class. The racing was so close and entertaining. All credit to Caleb Sumich for his win on the day…He was outstanding in beating Luca Nici in the end….

The Open Peformance, TAG Light and Heavy drivers were combined in one class at this meeting. It has been a long time since I have seen Twin Supers and Open Performance Karts at a Club Run. Well done to those six drivers for doing that. All together, 12 drivers rolled out for this combined class.

It was good close racing between them with Glen Fisher coming out on top in the end.

Michael Jones and Hudson Carter completely dominated the KA4 Sportsman Combined class on the day, but for some misfortune in the final heat Jones was not able to start the race.  It was left to Carter to win that last heat and take the 1st place trophy.

David Balat won every heat in TAG Restricted Light.  Jarrad King must have felt relieved when he won the day in TAG Restricted Heavy.

Keiren Ellis won each heat in KA3 Junior in a small field.